Why is it useless for someone to make HIFU beauty machine?

Making HIFU beauty machine is actually just an aid. What really matters is that your own repair function is working to complete the regeneration of new cells. In Europe and America, the ultrasonic scalpel is fully operated with special repair collagen, and the facial effect can be improved for 5-10 years. The ultrasonic knife only destroys the subcutaneous cells to initiate self repair. The first barrier for the ultrasonic knife to penetrate the skin at 75 ° C is the cuticle of the skin. The damage of the cuticle will destroy the subcutaneous moisturizing layer. A large amount of evaporation of subcutaneous water can not be avoided after 60 minutes of high-temperature operation, but the nutrition can not keep up, which will certainly affect the effect, The real effect comes from the postoperative rehabilitation process. The nutrition of the body is like the root of a big tree. If you trim the branches and leaves, you can’t flourish in the coming year without a foundation. Making ultrasonic knife is a two-way combination of internal and external beauty and physiotherapy. The next few months after ultrasonic scalpel surgery, autologous repair will really determine the results.

As the national requirements for the sales qualification of medical nutrition products are becoming higher and higher, some hospitals do not have the sales qualification of medical nutrition products, resulting in individual patients not knowing that acmetea special repair collagen is needed in the whole process of rehabilitation, which also directly affects the effect and duration of the operation. Patients with older age or poor physique may have postoperative side effects.

HIFU beauty machine treatment process feeling:

HIFU beauty machine is a non-invasive (non-invasive) skin care, in other words, it is a non-invasive technique in vitro. The instrument has three probes, which can be personalized for personal conditions. The ultrasonic scalpel energy transmitter has three depths (1.5mm / 3.0mm / 4.5mm). The depth and number distribution can be selected according to the judgment of doctors and the needs of beauty seekers.

The No. 1 probe is a high-energy ultrasonic full head and face skin scanning, which aims to accurately find out the position requiring maintenance. When scanning and moving, the skin feels warm, the cheeks and chin feel slightly sour and slightly sore, and the feeling will be stronger near the big teeth. The expert explained that it is because the position is a plexus, which is particularly sensitive, and the probe energy can reach the fascia layer directly.

Probe 2 is aimed at the fascia muscle layer of the corners of the eyes and neck. There is also a slight pain in the place.

Probe 3 scans the dermis. After the deep dermis receives heat, the aged bone collagen is stimulated to contract.

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