Which kinds of spots can be removed by laser freckle removal

What kinds of spots can be removed by laser freckle removal? In fact, laser freckle removal is a kind of visible light that uses high-intensity light to generate energy. Different wavelengths of laser can be absorbed by different pigments in the skin, so pigment spots can be removed. Laser can act on several kinds of spots, including freckles, moles, etc.

Which kinds of spots can be removed by laser freckle removal

Freckles: small brown spots from the tip of the needle to the grain of rice, scattered on the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. They are usually found in childhood and always exist.

Black nevus: most of them gradually appear after puberty, with several to dozens, from the tip of the needle to the grain of rice, large brown or black flat spots or protruding papules, mainly distributed on the face and neck.

Senile plaques: several to dozens of waxy, rough brown or papules and plaques, which gradually increase and increase. There are more places with more sun exposure, such as the back of the face and hands.

Liver spots: brown spots gradually increased after the age of 25, mostly appearing symmetrically on both cheeks. The color is similar to that of cooked pig liver, so it is called liver spot, which has nothing to do with liver disease.

Light coffee spots: irregular light brown patches usually found at birth. This kind of stain is often what we think of as a birthmark. Some birthmarks can fade with age, but some cannot. Therefore, we can remove the spots by laser.

The principle of laser freckle removal is that the laser emitted by the treatment instrument can penetrate the damaged skin very smoothly, enter the damaged part, and treat the pigment in the damaged part. Freckle pigment will change under strong laser irradiation, and then dissipate by itself, so as to be cured. The laser does not forcibly remove the pigment, but through the skin. Because it is selective, that is, it only acts on the pigment particles and does not damage the normal skin.

Effect of laser freckle removal

Laser freckle removal is more accurate. It still has obvious curative effect on eyelids and pale yellow freckles. The laser can selectively heat, rupture, solidify and wither the pigments and pigment cells in the freckle, that is, the freckle tissue is destroyed as much as possible, but there is no obvious damage to the normal skin around the freckle, ensuring that the skin will not leave ugly scars after removing the freckle.

So as to achieve the ideal treatment effect, there is no obvious side effect after operation, and generally only 1-2 times of treatment is required. After laser freckle removal, it can not only remove facial blemishes freckles, but also improve skin texture, whiten skin and eliminate small wrinkles by using the characteristics of photon rejuvenation.

These are often the color spots removed by laser freckle removal. Therefore, general color spots can be removed. Laser freckle removal is a relatively good freckle removal method at present. It is also widely used in our freckle removal. There are many kinds of color spots removed.