What is HIFU cosmetic machine?

HIFU vaginal machine uses the ultrasonic knife to probe the hair and vibrate up to 6 million times per second. The matrix molecular energy wave goes deep into the subcutaneous 1.5 ~ 4.5mm to stimulate the dermis, denature the collagen in the dermis, generate new collagen and shrink the subcutaneous fascia layer SMAS, so as to lift the skin and smooth wrinkles. In this process, the dermis is is very vulnerable to damage, Many large medical beauty salons suggest that taking yanyijingke element after ultrasonic knife can repair the damaged dermis. At the same time, the local high temperature generated by ultrasonic knife makes the skin red and swollen. Taking this product before operation can effectively protect and reduce the side effects of ultrasonic knife. Common sequelae of ultrasonic scalpel the heat generated by ultrasonic scalpel is transferred to the part to be affected. The temperature is about 65 ~ 75 degrees Celsius. If there is heat transfer, there will inevitably be water evaporation. At this time, the cuticle in the skin is easy to be destroyed, and the cuticle is the natural barrier of the human body, which has immune function and the function of maintaining skin moisture, After the cuticle is destroyed, the water locking ability of the skin is greatly reduced, and the reaction to the skin is dry and dull. Taking Yanyi Jingke element before operation can well alleviate this situation, because it is nano collagen, which can penetrate into the dermis where ordinary small molecule collagen cannot penetrate to supplement the nutrition of collagen and make the skin full and full, At the same time, stabilize the muscle bottom, and the cuticle is not easy to be damaged, so as to effectively alleviate the phenomenon of dryness and pigmentation on the face.

Most of the HIFU vaginal machines are women, and most of them are used to remove wrinkles on the face and neck. However, if the medical personnel are not skilled in the operation, the operator’s face will be red and swollen. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid going to some informal medical institutions, because it is impossible to determine whether the ultrasound knife is fake, Whether the medical staff are trained for work in three days. The slight one is redness and swelling. If it is serious, it will burn the face and disfigure. Therefore, it is suggested that the little partner who makes ultrasonic scalpel must go to a regular medical institution. Specifically, it depends on whether the medical institution has a medical institution practice license. Do not make ultrasonic scalpel blindly. In fact, the firmness and elasticity of the face means that the subcutaneous fascia layer is tightening. With the increase of age, many people’s subcutaneous fascia layer SMAS will age. Just like a long-used rubber band is lack of elasticity, the skin of the face will naturally appear loose, and the aging of the human body will also lead to the loss of collagen, which is widely found in the dermis, The collagen fiber layer and elastic fiber layer in the dermis play a role in supporting and maintaining elasticity, and the skin will naturally relax and collapse. If such a patient with loose and collapsed skin rashly makes an ultrasound knife, the collagen content in the dermis is insufficient, and the ultrasound knife stimulates the dermis to produce collagen, Imagine how a malnourished dermis can produce a lot of collagen, so there will inevitably be face collapse after operation. Therefore, it is particularly important to consolidate the nutrition of the dermis before surgery. This nutrition needs to be supplemented by collagen. Looking at the whole collagen market, only Yanyi Jingke element can penetrate into the dermis to supplement the nutrition of the dermis. It is nano collagen with a sub amount of only 500 daltons, Preoperative use can supplement the nutrition of the dermis, so that it can activate the production of a large amount of collagen when making an ultrasonic knife, rather than being directly crushed and collapsed by the energy of the ultrasonic knife

Aging is inevitable. Collagen in our body is losing every day, but the regeneration rate of young people is greater than its loss rate, so their faces are full of collagen. We can’t resist the erosion of years. The only thing we can do is to delay aging, and the ultrasonic knife is to lift the sagging face through medical technology, However, its appearance also caused internal injuries to some people with poor physique. Because they did not have a good understanding of the ultrasonic knife, they blindly did it, and finally there were sequelae. Therefore, before doing the ultrasonic knife, they should communicate well with doctors to ensure whether their body can do it. Of course, only regular medical institutions will give you suggestions. If non-famous medical institutions do it, the price is cheap, However, the last person injured is himself. Generally, large medical institutions will recommend taking Yanyi Jingke element before making ultrasonic scalpel, so as to stabilize the muscle base and lay a good foundation for the body. Precautions after ultrasonic scalpel operation daily work and rest: keep normal work and rest, and don’t stay up late, because the night is the best recovery time for the body, and don’t use water exceeding the body temperature when washing your face in the morning, which will scald the face in the recovery period and affect the operation effect. Daily diet: do not eat spicy food for daily diet, because spicy food will stimulate the skin, cause high temperature redness and swelling of the skin, affect the recovery of facial skin, and insist on drinking a cup of Yanyi Jingke every day, which will help to repair the injury of dermis after operation. Daily travel: when you go out, you should pay attention to sunscreen measures, especially in summer, to avoid ultraviolet radiation. In addition, you should not go to some high-temperature places, such as yoga and sauna, which will affect postoperative recovery.

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