What effect does ultrasonic knife have to make many stars? Does beauty have side effects?

If there is any secret in the entertainment industry, you don’t have to think about it. It must be that the age of female stars is a mystery! Wu Xin, who seems to be in her early 30s, is actually 37! There was also a magazine blockbuster of big s, which surprised the whole network. Compared with 20-year-old Ouyang Nana, it is not inferior! Can you see that they are 24 + years apart? 40 years old looks like 20 years old… 30 years old looks like 20 years old… It can only be said that female stars do too much in skin care and maintenance! How on earth did they do it?

Beauty originated in Europe and the United States. It is a beauty method to activate human regenerative cells through oral ultrasonic knife supporting repair factor acmetea, strengthen nutrition during body repair, and then use ultrasonic knife to promote cell growth.

Before cosmetic surgery in Europe and America, there is a one month nutritional reserve period. In the early stage, a large amount of oral ultrasound knife nutrition acmetea makes the repair factor reach the subcutaneous cells through the blood, and then starts the function of repairing cells from the human body through RF electric stimulation on the surface of the ultrasound knife. A large amount of repair nutrition is necessary for skin regeneration of collagen fibers. At the same time, it can wake up the human body repair function, internal and external combination and interaction, double and prolong the beauty effect of the ultrasound knife and prevent the side effects of the ultrasound knife.

There will be a tingling sensation during the treatment of ultrasonic scalpel, which will improve the luster of the skin, but it will not make the depression full like hyaluronic acid filling, nor will it make the wrinkles disappear as targeted as anti wrinkle leptin. The collagen surge effect will be achieved 3-6 months after treatment.

There are many skin problems after ultrasonic knife?

The skin will be dry after ultrasonic knife, so it must help replenish water and moisturize, and sunscreen is also very important. Because it is a blind operation, although lines will be drawn to avoid the rich parts of the plexus before treatment, individual differences are not excluded. It is possible to encounter some small nerve endings and cause some inflammation, which generally recovers from January to March.

Why are many ultrasonic scalpels ineffective?

The physiological aging of the skin cannot be resisted. The ultrasonic knife only stimulates the regeneration of your collagen, filling the lost collagen and making the skin younger and better, which means delaying aging. Moreover, the ultrasonic knife only destroys the subcutaneous cells to initiate self repair. If the nutrition can’t keep up, it will certainly affect the effect. The real effect comes from the postoperative rehabilitation process.