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What does ultrasonic scalpel face wrinkle need to pay attention to

With the improvement of the quality of life, it is not only satisfied with the quality of life. Now more and more people still pursue appearance. No one wants to look very old. They all want to be very young. The wrinkles on their face may add a lot of sadness to themselves. Ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal is a wrinkle removal method. Let’s see what we need to pay attention to!

What does ultrasonic scalpel face wrinkle need to pay attention to

What is ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal

Ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal can be applied to the face, eyes, corners of the mouth and neck. It can also remove bags under the eyes and double chin. This wrinkle removal method does not need surgery, injections and scars. It only needs one time to tighten the skin and restore skin elasticity. It can make people younger than 5-10 years old, so the effect is very good.

What should we pay attention to when removing wrinkles with ultrasonic knife

Before using the ultrasonic scalpel to remove wrinkles, take oral repair collagen for one month, which can activate collagen regeneration. With the treatment of ultrasonic scalpel, you can keep wrinkles for 2 years. If you continue to take oral collagen after operation, plus skin care and maintenance, you can keep wrinkles for at least 5-10 years.

After wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife, pay attention to rest and don’t stay up late. The diet should be light. Don’t eat spicy food, especially spicy hot, sour and spicy powder, hot pot, wine, fried and greasy food. The mood is also very important. Don’t be angry and keep a happy mood in order to be younger and more beautiful.

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