What are the precautions for laser whitening

Modern women want to have perfect skin, delicate, white and shiny. Among a variety of whitening methods, laser whitening, a popular and fashionable beauty technology, is the most favored method. So, what are the precautions for laser whitening?

What are the precautions for laser whitening? Precautions before operation:

  1. Patients with coagulation disorders or scar constitution cannot accept this operation.
  2. Aspirin and other drugs should be avoided for a week before laser treatment.
  3. Do not make up before laser skin rejuvenation and whitening, keep your face clean and prevent skin inflammation.
  4. The operation time and course of treatment are determined by the doctor according to your personal treatment scope and depth.

What are the precautions for laser whitening? Precautions after surgery:

  1. Do not over clean the skin. Because excessive cleaning will stimulate cells to secrete more oil, forming a vicious circle.
  2. Early to bed, early to rise, regular life, and adequate sleep. Keep the affected part clean. Try not to wear heavy makeup on the day after treatment.
  3. Makeup removal and facial cleansing must be carried out separately, because only oily makeup remover can completely remove oily makeup and avoid misuse of cosmetics and drugs.
  4. There will be slight red fever in the treatment area. At this time, cold compress the treatment area for about 5~15 minutes as necessary to reduce the red fever and discomfort, which will subside within a few hours.
  5. One to two days after treatment, please wash your face with neutral facial soap. Do not use scrub cream, exfoliating cream, and products containing fruit acid or a acid. Avoid shaving and depilation wax. Wipe moisturizing and sunscreen products every day.