Ultrasonic scalpel is suitable for light mature skin and is the first choice for tightening skin

You beauty seekers know? Anti wrinkle is actually the choice of medical and aesthetic projects at different age levels. Some projects are not suitable for young skin to try, so they are overqualified and overkill chickens with ox knives. Today, Xiaobian will tell you what medical and beauty projects are suitable for light mature skin over the age of 25 and under the age of 35.

ultrasound knife

Ultrasonic scalpel uses ultrasonic technology, which belongs to non-invasive treatment.

The principle of ultrasonic knife is

Through the transmission of heat energy, it acts on the skin fascia layer, which is 4.5mm below the skin, and generates heat at the moment of arrival. The heat energy makes the collagen fiber in our skin denatured and promote its renewal. The fiber will shrink and compact after heating, so as to achieve the effect of skin firmness.

Ultrasonic scalpel rejuvenated collagen from its roots.

What is the fascia layer? It is the “foundation” supporting the skin.

If the face is compared to a house, the fascia layer is the foundation of the house. With the passage of skin collagen, the fascia layer slowly loses its elasticity like a tight rubber band. “Foundation” is unstable, the house naturally collapses, and the skin appears relaxation and wrinkles.

Ultrasonic scalpel stimulates the tightening of fascia layer and the regeneration of collagen, which can quickly tighten the skin, drive away wrinkles and relaxation, lift the contour, and restore youth and firmness.

Having said so much, what effect does the ultrasonic knife have?

Clinical summary of ultrasonic scalpel:

The skin tightening effect is 95%, the legal lines are improved by 80%, the wrinkles are improved by 65%, the contour is improved by 90%, the face is reduced by 99%, the fat is dissolved by 56%, the elasticity is restored by 96%, and the skin color is adjusted by 89%

Ultrasonic scalpel is suitable for people with loose skin and unclear outline; Slight facial fat; Loose tissue, falling apple muscle and deep nasolabial groove; Aging skin and obvious facial wrinkles; Those who hope to achieve facial rejuvenation through non-surgical and non-invasive methods.