The side effects of HIFU cosmetic tightening machine I regret doing a cosmetic ultrasonic knife

HIFU cosmetic tightening machine regret? Ultrasonic knife has always been regarded as an anti-aging artifact, which is popular all over the world and deeply loved by complete women. What is the principle of ultrasonic knife? What is the actual effect of ultrasonic knife? What are the precautions of ultrasonic knife? How much does ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal cost? How to adjust and repair the multi-stage kinetic energy peptide reasonably during the ultrasonic knife. As well as the side effects of ultrasonic knife that we are most concerned about, we regret doing cosmetic ultrasonic knife. What the hell is ultrasonic knife? Here are some tips about ultrasonic knife for you one by one. I hope you can have a clearer understanding of ultrasonic knife after reading this article.

Principle of HIFU vaginal tightening machine: high intensity focused ultrasound can heat deep tissue at a temperature of 65 ℃ – 70 ℃ under the skin without damaging the skin surface. According to different diagnosis and treatment sites, focus the ultrasound on a single point to produce high energy, act on the skin dermis and fascia, stimulate the proliferation and reorganization of collagen, and tighten the contour, Remove wrinkles and tighten skin. Depth: the depth of epipolar acoustic wave skin pulling diagnosis and treatment is the deepest, which acts on 4.5mm. In addition to the fibrous septum, it can also directly act on the deeper fascia layer (SMAs) and fascia layer (SMAs) layer is the key to the diagnosis and treatment of skin pulling surgery. Ultrasonic scalpel is indeed very helpful for facial firming and lifting effect, but at present, many hospitals claim that there are no side effects. Is it true?

The beauty instrument performs thermal injury on the face for a short time. Only after the facial thermal injury, the human body will start early warning and release nutrients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramide, etc.) At the same time, leukocytes gather and phagocytize bacteria to restore the wound to normal. The process of thermal injury of ultrasonic knife is firstly the damage of epidermal barrier, which is locally manifested as redness, swelling, allergy and itching. With the energy wave of ultrasonic knife, it enters deeper fascia layer In the (SMAs) layer, the collagen fiber net under the skin is damaged, and the elastin that plays a supporting role is artificially broken. There is no abnormality in the epidermis in a short time, but the muscle bottom is in a mess. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense that the ultrasonic knife has no side effects at all. However, there’s no need to worry about it. The ultrasonic knife not only doesn’t work, but also hurts the skin. With age, the skin gradually goes down Drooping is serious, it is you smear any anti wrinkle cream, there is no way to solve it. At this time, the ultrasonic knife shows magical magic. The ultrasonic knife can make the pendulous face “tighten” in a short time. The appearance is that the droop is improved and the tension is tight. Therefore, hate is also an ultrasonic knife.

The thermal effect of ultrasonic scalpel can bring double effects to the skin. The first is the immediate contraction of skin collagen and SMAS, so the effect can be seen immediately after treatment; the second is the long-term regeneration and reorganization of collagen after tissue heating, which will vary in time according to individual human quality and response, because the new collagen needs time for muscle construction, which is absolutely impossible Most people have obvious effect 3 ~ 6 months after treatment.

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