The function and principle of beauty HIFU laser machine must be known!

The function and principle of beauty HIFU laser machine must be known! Is the horror of the ultrasonic knife a rumor or or a truth!

Many babies will ask HIFU laser machine whether it is good or not

But how can one of my good or bad be convincing

I guess many friends are right about the efficacy of ultrasonic scalpel,

But I know little about the function and principle of beauty HIFU laser machine, so I have integrated the knowledge of ultrasonic knife to share this time,

You can also compare your own situation to analyze whether you need to make an ultrasonic knife.

Zhang Yuqi said that the ultrasonic knife is actually the same principle as barbecue, which is achieved by high-temperature shrinkage. And the example she gave was too vivid, as if our faces were that piece of raw beef. However, the ultrasonic knife is based on the principle of high-temperature RF, which hurts the bottom layer of your skin like barbecue. In fact, this may not be a scientific explanation. The function and principle of beauty ultrasonic knife must be known! About ultrasonic knife pictures

Ultrasonic scalpel is simply a focused ultrasound with high intensity, which has good penetration ability. Ultrasound acts on the skin in a highly focused manner at a depth of 3.5 ~ 4.5 mm.

The subcutaneous temperature of the part under the action of ultrasonic knife can reach 60 ~ 75 degrees. The penetration depth of ultrasonic knife is stronger than that of laser and RF, and can act on the deep layer of skin. Although the thermal stimulation generated by the ultrasonic knife will cause immediate contraction of the fascia layer and stimulate collagen reorganization and regeneration after the skin tissue is heated, acmetea should be used to erect a barrier to prevent the damage caused by the thermal injury of “barbecue”, The process of promoting the body to repair and restore the formed defect and helping adjacent cells divide and proliferate to restore the structure and function of the original tissue.

Supporting the collagen stimulated by ultrasound, tissue filling and remodeling, and strengthening the elasticity of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, so as to achieve the purpose of lasting the effect of ultrasonic knife. To know whether the ultrasonic knife is good or not, we must explore the efficacy and principle of the ultrasonic knife

Have you understood the reason why some people don’t “barbecue” through the principle of ultrasonic knife?

Seriously, what is the effect of ultrasonic focusing knife? We all know that lifting, tightening and so on, but what will affect the effect of ultrasonic knife? Why is the efficacy of the ultrasound knife so good that there is no way to deal with the side effects of the ultrasound knife? If you have the same doubts as me, please raise your hand~~~

Many girls are afraid that their skin is not good before making the ultrasonic knife, which affects the effect of the ultrasonic knife. Therefore, after getting up every morning, I will also pull on my face with a massage instrument with current to help accelerate the facial circulation, and I will also do massage before making up; At the same time, it also adds cell-derived nutrition acmetea to ensure that their skin will not be “roasted”!

It should be noted that a single collagen can not be supplemented, because the ultrasonic scalpel operation itself will stimulate the regeneration of collagen. If a large amount of collagen is ingested from the outside in this process, it will not only be useless, but also lead to a large amount of collagen accumulation in the skin, forming collagen egg white hyperplasia, and there is likely to be inequality of facial acne concave convex. The function and principle of beauty ultrasonic knife must be known!

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