Some common sense problems of laser hair removal

There are several common sense questions about laser hair removal. We always have many questions about laser hair removal. Will hair removal affect normal perspiration? Is hair removal permanent? It takes several times to complete. In fact, these are all things we will consider before hair removal.

Is laser hair removal safe

Laser depilation is a safe depilation method, which has little effect on the skin, and even has whitening, moisturizing and other effects. Of course, this requires mm to select an experienced dermatologist, so as to avoid improper operation and skin scald caused by too long laser irradiation. Therefore, it is very important to choose a regular treatment institution with advanced treatment instruments.

Does depilation affect perspiration

Laser hair removal does not affect perspiration, because perspiration mainly depends on sweat glands, and the opening of sweat glands is not in the hair follicle. Laser hair removal is to remove hair follicles and will not damage sweat glands, so it will not affect sweating and internal metabolism of the human body.

How many times does laser hair removal take to complete

Although the effect of laser hair removal is very good, it can not achieve a permanent effect after one treatment. The specific course of treatment needs to be determined according to the individual hair growth cycle, but generally after 3-5 times of treatment, the ideal hair removal effect can be achieved.

Laser hair removal several times effective

Laser hair removal generally requires three to six times to remove the hair completely. There are two reasons: one is that most hair follicles are tied together in groups of three and open in the same pore. One hair in the pore is the hair from one of the three hair follicles in the group below it. Therefore, one treatment can only destroy one hair follicle in a group; The other is that hair growth takes a period of time, which is divided into growth period, regression period and rest period. 75% of hair in the growth period is effective for laser hair removal, 25% in the regression period, and almost ineffective in the rest period.

Is laser depilation permanent

At present, the laser or strong light therapeutic instrument has the function of permanent hair removal, but it is not what most people think: after treatment, there will be no hair for life. The permanence here is not really permanence. The correct understanding of permanent hair removal should be that after laser treatment, the hair will not grow again in a hair growth cycle.

What parts can laser hair removal remove

Yes! Any excess hair can be removed by laser. However, there are certain differences in the hair of different parts, and the response to laser treatment is also different, so the treatment effect will be different, which is generally reflected in the number of treatments.

Is laser hair removal suitable for anyone

In fact, not everyone is suitable for laser hair removal, as long as one of the following conditions is not suitable: people with scar constitution and light allergy constitution; People with dark skin are not suitable for laser hair removal; Those who have used other methods such as wax depilation and cloth depilation within six weeks; Women during menstruation and pregnancy and those who are too old or too young; There are infected people in the depilation area.

At present, laser hair removal is a widely used method with good effect and maintenance time. It can be permanent after several courses of treatment. Therefore, people with excessive body hair can be treated with hair removal. Laser hair removal has little damage to our skin, which is a good method.