Side effects and precautions of ultrasonic scalpel

The ultrasonic scalpel initiates the function of the body to repair regenerated cells and repair fascia, so as to achieve better lifting, wrinkle removal and skin firming effects. Therefore, the use of ultrasonic knife can change our aging, fine lines, skin relaxation and other problems. The emergence of these problems can change the skin of all parts of the face with ultrasonic knife. It is better to noninvasively improve the aging of facial skin with ultrasonic knife. So, what are the side effects and precautions of ultrasonic knife?

ultrasound knife

Are there any complications of ultrasonic scalpel

Ultrasonic scalpel is an instrument with high safety, but the heat energy emitted during the treatment may burn the skin.

What are the side effects of ultrasonic scalpel

The safety of ultrasonic scalpel * * * is a risk-free treatment project in the market.

Precautions for ultrasonic knife

  1. After the ultrasonic knife, do not wash your face with hot water on the day you go home.
  2. After treatment, do not go in and out of high-temperature places and do not expose to the sun.
  3. Radio frequency, color light and laser care can only be done after 4 weeks.
  4. After treatment, please do not take a bath with hot water within one week (water not exceeding body temperature).
  5. After treatment, do not go in and out of high-temperature places and do not expose to the sun.
  6. Do not wear any metal products before treatment.
  7. Before treatment, confirm that there is no inflammation or infection focus on the skin of the treatment site.
  8. As the skin may be slightly exfoliated or dry, a mild moisturizer can be used after operation.
  9. Do not use fruit acid products before and after treatment. If you have ever implemented gold pull wire, implant prosthesis, injection filler, etc. on your face, you need to inform the doctor before operation.
  10. One or two hours after treatment, there may be slight redness of the skin, which is normal and only temporary. It is necessary to replenish water and moisturize in time and make up as little as possible.

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