Key factors affecting the effect of mini HIFU beauty machine

More and more institutions in the field of mini HIFU beauty machine have found such a phenomenon: girlfriends of the same age have done the same project on the same day with the same formal instrument in the same public hospital, but the effect is very different. For example, taking the ultrasonic knife as an example, some people can stand the effect for 3 years, while others fail in just 6 months? Some people finish 3 days and the effect comes out. Some people finish 30 days and still don’t see the effect and reaction? Someone can feel the skin delicate and smooth after finishing? When excluding all external factors, professionals tell us the source of this problem: individual differences. This difference specifically refers to the difference in the fullness of human skin dermis.

Decrypt the secret behind the effect gap: the plumpness of individual dermal collagen fiber mesh varies greatly

As we all know, the scientific principle of most projects is to stimulate the release of collagen in the dermis, so as to produce lifting, elastic and tightening effects. How much collagen can be activated depends on how much collagen is contained in your dermal collagen fiber net, which is professionally called the fullness of dermal collagen fiber net. For a simple example, if the collagen fiber net in your dermis is in a dry state and there are only 100 collagen bases, then 99% of the collagen in the collagen fiber net can be activated through the activation of the ultrasonic knife project, and only 99 collagen proteins can be activated. If your collagen fiber net is full and contains 10000 collagen base, even if the ultrasonic knife project can only activate 50%, there are 5000 activated collagen! Then the result is obvious. The effects of 5000 and 99 releases must be very different. Therefore, this is the truth of the same ultrasonic knife with such a wide gap in effect!

If the mini HIFU beauty machine is effective, the dermal collagen should be filled before operation. Whether collagen can reach the SMAS fascia layer is the key to the special collagen for ultrasonic scalpel, but ordinary collagen can not reach the SMAS fascia layer of dermis at all. Therefore, to supplement collagen that can help the effect of ultrasonic scalpel, it must be multi-stage kinetic energy peptide. Only multi-stage kinetic energy peptide can penetrate into the dermis.

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