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Is there any difference between the therapeutic effect of thermomaggie and ultrasonic knife?

As people now pay more and more attention to youth, they have done a lot of medical and aesthetic projects in order to fight against aging. Both men and women want to delay aging and appear to be ahead of their peers. However, when carrying out medical beauty projects, some people will always wonder what is the difference between ultrasonic knife and hot Maggie? Today, Xiaobian will take you to really understand the ultrasonic knife and hot Maggie.

It’s also a tight Lift. What’s the difference between the two projects? How to choose?

Last review ultrasound knife = hot Maggie? What’s the difference between hot Maggie and ultrasonic knife?

What’s the difference between ultrasonic knife and hot Maggie?

03 different facial treatment positions

Thermomaggie – uses the RF principle to heat the skin, that is, from outside to inside, large-area heating, rather than focusing.

The greater advantage is that the action area is relatively wide, ranging from body shaping to any part of the face, which can involve dead corner areas.

Ultrasonic scalpel – the treatment is deeper and more accurate. The treatment area is mostly concentrated in the rich parts of soft tissue. It can compress and amplify the ultrasonic energy through focusing technology, and act on different rich parts of soft tissue accurately and accurately.

Due to the analysis of the first two points, the two anti-aging artifacts need to be treated differently.

The ultrasonic scalpel treatment is deeper and more accurate. It can be used in the fascia layer that cannot be affected by thermomaggie, and the skin tightening and lifting effect is stronger; While thermomaggie can treat small areas with abundant nerves that cannot be involved by ultrasonic scalpel, so the combination of the two will have no dead angle.

04 focus on different effects

Hot Maggie focuses more on firming the skin.

Hot Maggie uses radio frequency (RF) to heat the skin in a large area from outside to inside, and realizes the wrinkle removal and firming effect of the whole face and whole body by allowing collagen to proliferate.

Remaji, also known as sound wave lapi, is characterized by its action in the form of surface, which affects the dermis in a wide range.

Ultrasonic knife focuses on lifting.

The lifting effect of ultrasonic knife is better than that of hot Maggie. The ultrasonic knife plays a role in the fascia layer in the form of points, and the effect of lifting the contour is very superior. Ultrasonic scalpel, also known as extreme sound wave skin pulling, is a new trend of anti-aging at present.

05 different treatment feelings

Hot Maggie treatment is more painful

Hot Maggie treatment will be more painful than ultrasonic knife, but there will be no continuous acid swelling like ultrasonic knife after completion.

We don’t have to worry too much about pain. After all, for the sake of beauty, it’s an affordable pain.

Ultrasonic scalpel treatment is less painful

There is not much pain during ultrasonic knife treatment, but there will be some slight pain and swelling on the face after completion.

In addition, your face will be slightly swollen. It’s probably like you drank a little too much water last night. The next morning, your face looks a little swollen, and you can’t see it if you don’t look carefully. Generally, this discomfort will last for about 10-15 days after ultrasonic scalpel operation.