Is there a way to remove wrinkles without surgery? What is an ultrasonic knife?

As everyone knows, the skin of 25 years old has reached its peak. After that, the skin will go downhill: the decree pattern deepens, and more and more fine lines are emerging: loose skin, drooping, thick jaws of two jaws. You need this – ultrasonic knife. No knife! No injections! Tighten the skin, improve the contour of the face, and make the big round face refined and the small V face!

Recognized beauty products are commonly known as “ultrasonic knife”. “Ultrasonic knife” is not a “knife”, it uses ultrasonic energy to shrink the SMAS fascia layer, and the lifting effect is comparable to surgical skin pulling! What’s great is that you can do and go, and the effect can be seen on the spot! Moreover, the lifting effect is long-lasting and can last for 1 ~ 2 years!

Ultrasonic knife lifting

SMAS fascia layer, also known as expression muscle layer, is the source of skin relaxation and wrinkles. It is located between subcutaneous tissue and muscle layer, 4.5mm deep under the skin. If the facial skin is compared to a house, the SMAS fascia layer is the foundation supporting the building.

Once the foundation is not stable enough, the building will be crooked – that is, the skin is loose and out of shape—— The traditional skin pulling operation and hyaluronic acid injection act on the fascia layer of SMAs.

Ordinary non-invasive treatment, including laser and RF radio frequency technology represented by “hot Maggie” (also known as “radio wave skin pulling”) can not reach the depth of SMAs fascia layer: the ultrasonic knife uses ultrasonic energy to penetrate deeply into the SMAS fascia layer with a depth of about 4.5mm inside the skin, so as to shrink collagen, stimulate a large number of regeneration and reorganization of collagen, and build a brand-new collagen fiber network, So as to enhance the elasticity of the skin from the bottom layer of the skin.

As it fundamentally solves the problem of skin aging, the effect is to tighten the skin from inside to outside, from deep to shallow, effectively tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, eliminate double chins, lighten legal lines and corners of the mouth, raise the corners of the eyes, make the eyes more vivid, restore the fullness of the skin and reproduce the youthful state of the whole face!