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Is laser tattooing reliable

Many companies ask tattooed people to have tattoos during the interview. Many tattooed friends regret having tattoos and want to get rid of them. When tattoos are no longer popular, getting rid of them has become a common topic. Laser tattoo removal is an advanced method. Is laser tattoo removal reliable? In order to make consumers feel at ease to remove tattoos by laser, medical professors specialize in safety knowledge. Is it reliable to remove tattoos by laser?

Safety knowledge: reliable laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal mainly uses photons to penetrate the skin, then disperses the subcutaneous pigments in the tattoo area, and then allows them to disappear after absorbing photons. If the tattoo color is light, the laser tattoo removal can be used for makeup or face washing on the same day. For patients with too heavy tattoo patterns, multiple laser tattoo removal treatments can be performed.

The process of laser tattoo removal is that until the tattoo pigment absorbs laser energy and removes its color, other normal cells without these pigments will not be affected. In this way, the damage to this section of skin will be minimized, which is much better than surgical removal. Select a short pulse duration and a suitable wave band. The pigment absorbs light energy, which is converted into heat energy to explode these pigment particles. The macrophages in the cortex will swallow them or be taken away by lymph. Some of the rest will not be taken away. It may also lead to chemical reactions due to light energy, making the color pale.

After several laser tattoo removal treatments, the tattoos of those seeking beauty will gradually disappear. Laser tattoo removal avoids the disadvantages of many traditional treatment methods. The treatment process is less painful and the safety is relatively high. We should pay attention to the nursing after laser tattoo removal. It also plays a decisive role in the treatment effect.

Is laser tattooing reliable? Through the above explanation, everyone should understand the knowledge of laser tattoo removal. Before laser tattoo removal, you should first truthfully inform yourself of your allergy history and whether there are local allergies during tattoo. Before operation, you should fully communicate with the surgeon, and know well about the possible conditions of the operation before making a decision.