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How old is ultrasonic knife beauty suitable for

Now many beauty lovers choose ultrasonic knife beauty, and its wrinkle removing and skin beautifying effect is also highly affirmed by experts. It does not need an operation, and the ultrasonic scalpel has replaced the traditional skin pulling operation in the field of medical cosmetology. So, how old is ultrasonic knife beauty suitable for?

What age is ultrasonic scalpel suitable for

What is the principle of ultrasonic knife

Through the high-intensity focused ultrasonic system, the ultrasonic knife can penetrate into the skin up to 3 ~ 4.5mm, so that the temperature of SMAs fascia tissue can reach more than 65 ℃ within 0.5 ~ 1s, resulting in the proliferation and reorganization of collagen in SMAS fascia, so as to achieve the improvement effect. Ultrasonic knife beauty does not need surgery, surgery and recovery period. It can be completed in just 40 ~ 60 minutes without affecting the work. It is called “lunch beauty”.

How old is ultrasonic knife beauty suitable for

In fact, from around the age of 25, you can do ultrasonic knife beauty. It not only aims at the aging skin, improves the skin quality and makes the wrinkles disappear, but also prevents the continued aging and consolidates the current ideal condition. And the ultrasound knife itself is the younger the skin, the better the effect will be more lasting. If you are 25 years old, you will always be 25 years old in the next 3-5 years. If you wait until you are 50 years old, you will be 40 years old. Therefore, it is not too much to say that the ultrasonic knife is an artifact of frozen age.

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