How old can people make ultrasonic scalpels

Ultrasonic knife, need a lift, instantly have young. With the increasing popularity of ultrasonic scalpels, many beauty seekers have entered the hot circle of beauty. So, what age is ultrasonic knife suitable for?

How old can people make ultrasonic scalpels

People over the age of 25 and under the age of 60 can make ultrasonic scalpels. It can be said that ultrasonic scalpels are suitable for beauty seekers with aging and relaxation of all skin and the need to remove wrinkles and tighten skin. Of course, younger people have better skin elasticity and do not need to do ultrasonic scalpel, while older people have serious lack of collagen, so the effect of ultrasonic scalpel is not obvious.

After beauty treatment, we can see that the skin has been significantly improved: the skin has become delicate and tight, the double chin is not so heavy, the facial contour has been improved, the wrinkles have disappeared, the skin color has become better, and the whole person is many years younger at once. Because it solves the problem from the skin root (SMAs fascia layer) and promotes the proliferation of collagen, it will remain young for the next 2 ~ 3 years.

What is the function of ultrasonic knife

The efficacy of ultrasonic knife includes wrinkle removal, anti-aging, firming and upgrading, improving skin quality and increasing skin elasticity, but people are often more concerned about skin relaxation and wrinkles. In fact, different age groups have different skin problems, which is why beauty is suitable for different age levels.

The ultrasonic knife uses focused ultrasound to directly sweep the epidermis to the deep SMAS layer of the skin, stimulate the contraction of collagen and achieve the immediate tightening and lifting effect. After that, collagen will continue to regenerate and reorganize, so as to achieve the lasting tightening and lifting effect.

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