Don’t want to try the pig killing knife of years. First use the ultrasonic knife to resist aging!

The youth of that year, the crow’s feet now, the tender and smooth skin of that year, and the loose and dry lines now. Are you afraid of aging, sister? With the growth of age, skin relaxation is inevitable. Stay Xiaohu suggested: don’t want to try the pig killing knife, first use the ultrasonic knife to fight aging! Don’t use a knife to pull the loose skin back.

Ultrasonic scalpel is not a real “knife”, not surgery, nor injection beauty! Ultrasonic scalpel is different from traditional plastic surgery, because it has the characteristics of no operation, high safety and good effect.

In the state of facial relaxation, ultrasonic knife skin pulling can improve more sagging skin. After lifting and tightening the fascia SMAS, it can improve the skin from the deep layer, so that the facial muscles and skin do not look unnatural “wax tightness”, and the postoperative effect is more natural.

Compared with the general anti-aging treatment, the ultrasonic knife can directly act on the deep skin – sMARs fascia layer, and the effect of lifting the skin is more remarkable. To put it simply: through ultrasonic treatment, the lost collagen, elastic fibers and muscle tension of the skin are replenished from the inside out to restore firmness and elasticity.

Maintenance is never done overnight. Please treat the anti-aging law of skin rationally. It is impossible to make up for the lack of skin for many years. Therefore, everyone should achieve their own good results according to their own foundation! Don’t compare blindly with others!