Does ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal harm?

When it comes to wrinkles, we have to mention the ultrasonic knife. The ultrasonic knife helps female friends keep their youth. Although the wrinkle removal and beauty effect of ultrasonic knife is very good, many people hesitate because they are worried about the harm of ultrasonic knife.

Does ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal harm?

The harm of ultrasonic knife plastic surgery is almost no, but if the instrument is not cleaned before physiotherapy, the dirt will enter the skin with the ultrasonic wave and bring some damage to the skin; In addition, too long or improper use of ultrasonic knife will cause skin overwork and malabsorption; In addition, the degree of probe heat does not represent the output of ultrasonic power. Water or drugs with small concentration should not be directly penetrated, otherwise it is easy to cause dry skin. The main reason is that the probe cannot pass through the eyeball when using the instrument, and it is forbidden for pregnant women and patients with serious heart disease.

The harm degree of ultrasonic knife beauty varies, which depends on your choice of plastic surgery hospital, beauty salon, doctor and so on. Good treatment can improve skin elasticity, tighten facial contour, lift and tighten cheek skin, eliminate neck lines, prevent neck aging, improve skin quality, make skin delicate and shiny, match with injection beauty such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, and improve more aging problems.

Benefits of ultrasonic knife

The ultrasonic scalpel mainly aims at the five major facial problems: fine lines on the forehead, contour around the eyes, sagging cheeks, deep depression of legal lines and slack chin. In fact, except for the central axis of the face, the ultrasonic knife can be lifted in other places, and the effect can be seen immediately, but the effect will be more obvious after a month.

Ultrasonic scalpel has many advantages. First, it accurately and directly acts on the fascia layer, the key layer of skin firming, so that the skin can get a good firming effect; Secondly, when its energy passes over the epidermis, the surrounding tissue will not be damaged. In this way, the treated part can recover quickly.

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