3d hifu machine

Best HIFU machine professional beauty single price factor, how much is HIFU machine professional beauty, and the price of ultrasonic knife

Take the face as the column, it will be between 18000 and 58000.

  1. Best HIFU machine professional equipment: earlier in the United States, down to South Korea, other regions and domestic equipment.
  2. Who made it for you? The formal is done by doctors qualified as beauty doctors. Researchers are better, and beauticians are also good at it.
  3. Physical therapy place: large and formal physical therapy environment, high charging SF fee is acceptable.
  4. Parts: ultrasound knife anti-aging of the whole body: face, back tightening repair, chest adjustment, waist and abdomen shaping, hip shaping, leg shaping, removing butterfly sleeves and repairing mild stretch marks. Different parts charge SF fees.
  5. Supporting nutrition: the ultrasonic knife is a physiotherapy process of internal and external two-way knot and external stimulation of its own repair function. The ultrasonic knife is equipped with acmetea cell food, 12 grams of acmetea cell food each time to provide nutrition and help the smooth formation of collagen under the skin. Large physiotherapy institutions will be equipped with acmetea cell food, so the price is different.

After the above several price elements give the answer, take the face as the column, and all five are preferred, which will be between 18000 and 58000. If the hospital is equipped with acmetea cell food and adds more than 16000 on this basis, it is the price of ultrasonic knife.

When it first appeared, the full face of the American version was 60000 and the neck was 100000. After all, the consumables of the best HIFU machine professional were not cheap. Coupled with the unpredictable costs of labor, depreciation and renewal, although it was a huge profit, it was not so exaggerated. The Korean version and the Italian version are about half cheaper. However, with the intense market competition in the past year and the fact that it will slowly adapt to the relationship between market supply and demand, the price has begun to go down. However, the ultrasonic knife has high technical content and high design cost, so it is too low and unreliable. Usually between 10000 and 30000.

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